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The Dark Horse Entrepreneur | Parent Side Hustles & Digital Marketing Strategies

Nov 21, 2022

SUMMARY : In the last episode, the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast host Tracy Brinkman talked about the things she wishes he knew before she started her entrepreneurial journey. He said that being an entrepreneur can be tough, but it is worth it if you are driven and passionate. He also said that it is important to always be learning, even if you have been in the business for awhile.


The conversation discuss seven things that the Tracy wish he knew before he started his entrepreneurial journey. The first seven tips are related to building a strong foundation for a successful business, including building a list of email subscribers and having something to sell from day one. The eighth tip is related to approaching possible guests or joint venture (JV) opportunities in a way that is less intimidating and more likely to result in a positive response.


In order to get the attention of a celebrity or expert that you want to collaborate with, the best thing to do is buy their product and then use it. After you have implemented the advice in the product, write to the celebrity or expert and let them know your results. This is a great way to get their attention and show that you are a fan of their work.


Tracy offers a tip for building relationships with experts or gurus in your field - reach out to them after you've used their product or implemented their advice, and let them know your results. This not only validates them as an expert, but also starts a dialogue that could lead to future work or opportunities.



0:00:00   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast - Episode 2: The Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started

0:02:13   7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Entrepreneurial Journey

0:04:02   The Benefits of Buying a Product Before JV-ing With the Expert

0:05:19   Building Relationships with Gurus in Your Field

0:06:58   How to Get New Subscribers from Every Single Guest

0:10:57   10 Ways to Make More Money from Podcast Interviews

0:12:24   3 Ways to Make an Irresistible Offer to Your Podcast Guests

0:15:58   How to Make Money from Podcast Interviews

0:17:41   Podcasting Tips to Help You Grow Your Audience

0:19:15   12 Tips for Launching Your Podcast

0:22:10   The Benefits of Teasing Your Upcoming Online Course

0:23:41   13 Tips for Marketing Your Next Product

0:28:31   How to Make Your Podcast More Interesting to Listeners

0:30:23   15 Ways to Create Better Content for Your Business

0:32:02   How to Keep an Idea Log to Never Run Out of Content Ideas

0:33:33   The Power of Paying Attention to Your Ideas

0:35:55   Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Podcast

0:39:41   17 Tips for Creating Engaging and Compelling Content

0:41:11   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur: How to Be Consistent in Your Business



I'll give you this great content about Internet marketing. Or if they pay for it, you give it to them once a week. If there's lots of niches where daily tips are great.


You have lots of great content you want to get, and you're taking some of that content from the other experts, we talk about why I keep saying podcast interviews.


All right, last two lead magnet ideas. Now, I did a whole episode on a free lead magnet that applied to just about any niche. It was about three episodes ago.


And the way you're always going to have your brain on the lookout is to pay attention to the damn ideas you're getting in the first place. You get an idea, you don't write it down.


That's why you need to keep some sort of idea log. Every single time you get an idea for a topic, every time you read something that gives you an idea for a topic, every time you hear someone talk about something for a topic or talk about something, you're like, oh, maybe a good guess to come on my show.