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The Dark Horse Entrepreneur | Parent Side Hustles & Digital Marketing Strategies

Feb 20, 2023

Tracy Brinkman is the host of the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast, a show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators build successful businesses online. In this episode, Tracy introduces the concept of website conversion and explains how having a website can be a powerful tool for any business. Tracy encourages listeners to take action and make their website more effective by tuning in to the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast for tips from successful business owners.


This conversation is about the three essential components to making a website successful. Tracy Brinkmann believes that every website should have a purpose and be designed to achieve this goal, whether it is to make sales, get subscribers, or drive traffic to other offers. They emphasize that without the three components discussed, the website will not be successful. These components include having an engaging and informative design, making sure that it is easy to navigate, and optimizing it for search engine visibility. With these three things in place, the speaker believes any website can be successful.


Driving traffic to a website that isn't working is pointless. To make a website more effective, the first step is to change your thinking and relax. There is no perfect website and it is important to accept that there may always be flaws and typos. The best approach is to think of the website as a perpetual work in progress and to focus on testing and improving instead of aiming for perfection. An experienced website designer can be a great help in achieving this.


Tracy Brinkmann discusses the importance of having a well-designed website for customers. They suggest that it is important to start with a head start and to keep adjusting, testing, and learning as you go. The speaker also recommends keeping the design simple and easy to use. They advise against using jargon and big words, and instead suggest talking to customers like you would a friend. Finally, they emphasize the importance of using your stats to make improvements and changes to your website.



0:00:00   Welcome to the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast: Learn Tips to Build a Successful Business Online"

0:01:56   "3 Essential Tips to Make Your Website Convert Better"

0:03:30   How to Drive Traffic to Your Website: 3 Tips for Improving Your Site's Effectiveness

0:05:52   "3 Tips for Creating an Effective Website"

0:11:09   Analyzing Website Engagement with Google Analytics

0:13:27   Heading: Improving Your Website to Increase Traffic and Earnings



Improving the average engagement time spend your money. Spend your time there before you start buying advertising. Now, what are people spending? Five minutes, ten minutes or more on your site, but you're still not getting that many visitors? Well, now it's time to flip the script and you start buying some advertising. Little Google Ads band, little Facebook ads, little ads to start finding a way to drive traffic to your site because you've already figured out how to get them to hang out while longer once they get there. Your goal with your website is to simply make consistent and steady improvements over time.


So while you're even getting 50 people to pay attention to your website, how long are they paying attention? Remember, your website is a journey, not a destination. Yeah. It's a work in progress. And to know how to improve it, you're going to need to know how long those folks are staying on your page. Log into your analytics. Find the graph on the first page that shows you the average time they're spending on your page.


Get a free Google account. The Google Analytics account. Right? Now you're going to look at two things. No, no, no, not the traffic. No, wait for me. The two things you're going to pay attention to is the average time users are spending on your page, which is also called the average engagement time. And of course, then the number of users, you probably want to look at them in that order because in the beginning, the number of users is going to be low.


Number three, use your stats to make your improvements. Yeah, right. So we I kind of grazed over a B testing earlier because it gives you a test and you're going to test again. Your stats are going to be the things that tell you what it is you need to change. There are only two core sets of stats that you need to focus on in the beginning. Later, of course, as you get more experience, you'll start paying attention to other stats. But first, here's what you need to do.


And if you make it difficult for them, they're going to exit and they're going to go to the next person down on the search results. Websites are about one thing communication. The overly complicated designs cost more money, take more time, and make it way more difficult to communicate with those who land on your website. Now, in the beginning, the core set of web pages you're typically going to need are your home page, an about page, a contact page, and maybe a page for your products and services.