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Dark Horse Entrepreneur

Jan 10, 2022

Jay David talks about being different, constants and changes, protecting your content, stop blaming others and so much more.

Jan 3, 2022

Mike Michalowicz Shares Why Boil It Down, Why We Need DAD Approved Marketing, How To Align With Our Audience and What Random Acts Of Kindness Will Do For Our Marketing Muscle

Dec 27, 2021

Jim & Luke The Con Guys talk about no fear of the competition; broadening your horizon; putting a twinkle back in your eye;  building variations of success

Dec 20, 2021

Timothy Ramthun chats about having a passion to serve; right person right role; be willing to do it yourself; stick to your guns by being unwavering

Dec 13, 2021

David King shares the effects of bottling things up, doing something beyond yourself, what you should do if you find the problem, the power of your beliefs and values and why he is going to be your next Lt. Governor